Solo Tuba in F
9 min.
Written for Alec Rich

Monologue imagines the tubist as a character in a play delivering a dramatic lament. (A lament for what? I leave it up to the tubist and the listener to decide.) As the character bewails, a new, mischievous idea occurs to them, but the idea is short-lived, and the character resumes their doleful soliloquy. The mischievous idea, however, won’t go away and the character struggles between the two, ultimately choosing the latter and breaking into a gleeful, berserk dance. Monologue was written for, and is dedicated to, tubist Alec Rich, a fearless and sensitive performer who has been my invaluable (and patient!) guide to writing for the tuba. It is with immense gratitude that I give this work to him.


5/28/2021 (Premier)
Alec Rich Master of Music Tuba Recital #1
Shirley Welsh Ryan Opera Theater, Northwestern Bienen School of Music, Evanston, IL
Alec Rich tuba