Lucky (2022)

For Wacom Tablet and Kyma  (14 min.)

Talk-back (2021)

A structured improvisation for Gametrak controller, USB footswitch, and Max/​MSP  (10 min.)

Re-heard (2021)

Fixed media on loop to accompany Tiffany Hokanson’s M.F.A. Thesis Show, “Re-seen”  (22 min.)

Clock, Lightning Bolt, Volume, I Love You So Much (2020)

A structured improvisation for Korg nanoKONTROL2 and Max/​Msp  (9 min.)

Orchestra & Large Ensemble

Dreams of Flight (2021)

3(3+picc.).3(3+e.h.).3(3=bcl.).3(3=cbn.)—4.3.3(3=btrbn.).1—timp(timp+whirly tube).perc(3):xyl/​5tom-t/​brake drum/​vib/​3whirly tubes/​susp.cym/​cabasa/​t.bells/​BD/​sandpaper block/​marimba(4.3oct)/​tam-t(lg)—hrp—pno—strings  (10 min.)

Concertante (2019)

2 solo violas—1.1.1(+bcl.).1——perc(1):timp./​5tpl.bl./​3susp.cym/​vib/​BD—pno—strings(  (14 min.)


Can You Guess My Name? (2021)

Text by Anon. (riddle-songs nos. 5 and 14 from Exeter Book; tr. Craig Williamson).Narrator, flute, clarinet in b-flat/​bass clarinet in b-flat, percussion, piano, violin, cello  (9 min.)

Naked Light (2020)

Four double basses  (9 min.)

My Mad Dances (2018)

String Sextet (two violins, two violas, two cellos)  (8 min.)

Night Through Eight Eyes (2018)

Brass quintet  (9 min.)

Solo & Vocal

Monologue (2020)

Solo Tuba in F  (9 min.)

Approach to Zion (2019)

Solo Piano  (12 min.)

A Burnt Ship (2018)

Text by John Donne. Soprano and piano  (8 min.)